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Story Analyzer

Story Analyzer

This tool will check your writing sample for passive sentences, wordy writing, and repetitive phrases.
Story Analyzer was designed to be used after checking your work through a standard spelling/grammar checker.
This is an evolving project, so new features will be added as I come up with them.
It has been successfully tested on samples of up to 60,000 words. If you get a “Fatal Error”, use a smaller sample. (Also see Best Viewed By recommendations below.)
The program offers suggestions, not hard rules and, due to the nature of English, no analyzer is 100% accurate but people found this one very helpful.
I recommend running a sample through with the Omit Dialogue option on since this will detect missing open quotes and closed quotes used instead of open quotes.

Copy your sample into the form

Omit dialogue? (Characters often speak incorrectly, so you may not what to include their dialogue in this analysis.)

Dialogue is not omitted in Highlight Homonyms, Dialogue Tags (obviously), Word and Phrase Flow, and Pacing.

First Person? (Include “I” as a character name.)

Best viewed by chapter: Sentence Variation, Highlight Homonyms, Dialogue Tags, Word and Phrase Flow, Pacing, Highlight -ly Words
Best viewed by complete novel: Basic Summary, Phrases Summary, Repetitive Sentences, Word Counts

If you find this Analyzer useful then please think about its value to you and donate. Even $1 can make a difference (though more would be nice), and will help me to add features and create a stand-alone version to use when you’re not online.
Please feel free to enter suggestions, bugs, and other comments in the Comment box.
Remember to Tweet, LinkedIn and FB share with other writers.
Thank you.

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