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Olivia M. Rose introduction

Olivia M. Rose introduction

Well hello there :). I haven’t posted anything on this site until now, so I felt like starting off with an introduction. I am 18 years old and about to go off to college. I’m really excited about it, but that will also be the reason that I may seem MIA on this site (because college has a way of consuming people’s lives *cough*). So like pretty much everyone on here, I like to write. I do have other interests though (because if I was just into writing, I’d be a little boring). Music, food, movies, reading, games, and playing guitar seem to make up the rest of my interests, so I may end up talking about any of those things as well as writing.

In the risk of rambling I’ll stop here, but for now…happy writing everyone!


  1. Welcome to the site. (Finally!) I hope you have lots more to share. :-)

    • Thank you! 😀