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Being Others’ Focussed

Being Others’ Focussed

This week we look at part two of When am I Going to Get Published? Last week I told you to set a goal. That seems obvious, but if your read the article you would have seen that there’s more to it. Now let’s look at the next step…

2) Be others’ focussed.

Bob Proctor once told me that how much we receive is in direct proportion to how many we serve. There are many ways to serve. The first is just by getting a job and doing it. You can also create jobs thus giving people gainful employment. You can do charity work. You can volunteer. We, as YA writers, love to entertain. And entertainment is a kind of service; it brings people pleasure, and they’re willing to pay for that. The catch is that your story really has to be entertaining, not just something YOU think is cool, not a great idea that’s filled with bad grammar and plot holes and main characters you wouldn’t mind seeing die. This also doesn’t mean you should write a story that you think will sell based on current trends and analysis of compelling main characters from other works. That’s not serving people that pandering to them.

If we reach inside we all have a great story to tell. Start by telling it. But while you’re getting it ready, any other ways you can be others’ focussed will only help to bring your goals to you. So do that charity work. Support a friend. Help a stranger. Do you job better. Go out and make a contribution. It doesn’t have to be a financial one. Leave everyone you meet feeling better after having been with you. It all adds up. And when we’re others’ focussed it actually makes achieving our goals a little easier. Helping others puts us (and them) in a better frame of mind. The trick here is to give unconditionally. Don’t give with the expectation to get, especially form the ones you’re giving to. Don’t even give with the expectation of gratitude. The best way to give is in a way that you don’t expect credit for it. The Universe always sends back what we give out only it’s multiplied. It’s called the law of compensation. Some call it Karma. Give unconditionally, knowing how the universe works. I know this isn’t what you were expecting to read on a young adult writing site, but it applies no matter what your passion. Sadly, not enough people know it.

Give and you will receive, though not necessarily in the form you gave or from the source you gave to. But watch as you experience less stress, more fulfilment, better health, greater joy, and more. Don’t believe me? Try it for one month. Just one month of your life. You WILL see results. Continual use of this principle also increases your confidence. It improves your relationships as your actions help you to understand and accept others. Something as simply as a hug can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Go make that difference now.