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Arthur and the Washing Machine that Ate Him is out!

This book should cost way more than $0.99! It’s a middle grade novel from one of our authors, Ryan Greenspan, that I found laugh out loud funny.

Here’s a review from Amazon:

The title caught my eye while browsing and after reading that hilarious description, I couldn’t pass it up. I had been looking for a fun, kooky story to read to my 5-year-old son, and for a 99-cent e-book, this was beyond my expectations. He loved every second of it! First of all, it’s a great adventure. Nothing quite like I’ve ever read before. Arthur, the boy in the book, actually has to travel through the bowels of a washing machine where he runs into things like pirates made of Kleenex and a witch made of hair! I’m laughing right now just writing that. Only an imaginative mind could come up with stuff like that. The books also flows really well and has hilarious characters that my son just loved. I got a kick out of it just as much as he did!


Do yourself a favour and check it out!

Also Available through Smashwords. My only question is, “When is it coming to iBooks so i can get it for my iPad?”

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